V6 Pentastar Misfire

Many articles refer to a Cylinder 2 misfire, regarding the Pentastar V6 3.6 liter engine.

The solution seems to be replacing the left head cylinders, quite a big job.

To my experience, I sometimes got a somehow unstable idling during cold temperatures ( starting below 10 °C or around less than 45°F ) and used to think this is because of Ethanol, a I do not empty my tank that often, and the percentage of E85 compared to petrol, that is lesser during winter.

But soon ago, I got all the conditions that made me think I finally got that Cylinder 2 misfire problem that affect half a percent of these engines, as mine is 2012’s. Idling stalling, unstable, OBD that tells me a misfire on cylinder 2, and multiple misfires, too rich, … I was about to start up a head cylinder replacement.

But before, I decided to check my oil, as I made the periodic oil change a few ago. I noticed I got 2mm too much of oil, not that much… Then removed some

And guess what ?

I fixed this cylinder 2 misfire problem…. !!!

I can’t affirm this is the only reason why this happens of course, and maybe there really is a head cylinder problem,

But think about it….

Check you oil level not to be too much before getting further on fixing that cylinder 2 misfire problem !!!

Réglage d’un véhicule GPL

Cable de programmation GPL

Il est possible de régler tous les calculateurs GPL « assez facilement » – mais attention, cette opération peut être très risquée et aller jusqu’à ne plus pouvoir faire fonctionner votre véhicule ! ( Tout en pouvant être normalement annulée ).

Il est possible de trouver  des kits sur eBay.
Pour ma part, j’ai pu régler la température de basculement, et la richesse, pour un bon fonctionnement par temps froid et un meilleur rendement, après un peu de travail !