V6 Pentastar Misfire

Many articles refer to a Cylinder 2 misfire, regarding the Pentastar V6 3.6 liter engine.

The solution seems to be replacing the left head cylinders, quite a big job.

To my experience, I sometimes got a somehow unstable idling during cold temperatures ( starting below 10 °C or around less than 45°F ) and used to think this is because of Ethanol, a I do not empty my tank that often, and the percentage of E85 compared to petrol, that is lesser during winter.

But soon ago, I got all the conditions that made me think I finally got that Cylinder 2 misfire problem that affect half a percent of these engines, as mine is 2012’s. Idling stalling, unstable, OBD that tells me a misfire on cylinder 2, and multiple misfires, too rich, … I was about to start up a head cylinder replacement.

But before, I decided to check my oil, as I made the periodic oil change a few ago. I noticed I got 2mm too much of oil, not that much… Then removed some

And guess what ?

I fixed this cylinder 2 misfire problem…. !!!

I can’t affirm this is the only reason why this happens of course, and maybe there really is a head cylinder problem,

But think about it….

Check you oil level not to be too much before getting further on fixing that cylinder 2 misfire problem !!!